Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Radar Detector Shootout 2011

In the radar detector business, the end of June only means one thing: the annual get together of radar detector manufacturers, laser jammer manufacturers, radar and laser gun manufacturers, radar and laser gun instructors, and law enforcement agencies for Speed Measurement Lab's "Radar Detector Shootout" in El Paso, TX.

As with years past, I got on my bike and rode my way out to El Paso for this event.

I left my office right before noon on Wednesday for a full day of freeway riding.  The ride was hot and went about as nicely as a ride could get on Interstate 10.

The ride through Arizona was very different between last year and this year.  Last year I had to worry about photo-speed traps, and since then, they had ended the program and it's one less thing that we all have to worry about going through Arizona.  I finished up the day in Casa Grande, AZ, without seeing a single cop on the freeway.

The next day I made my way to El Paso, again, did not see a single cop anywhere.

We tested our Detector Version 2.0 (hint, it's coming), and our Laser Jammer, and both performed really well.  I can't share the results just yet, but SML will post the results to the public on their website in the next few weeks or so for all to see.

On Sunday afternoon, I set out to return to LA.  I decided to take the scenic route, where I went from I-10 to US70 in Lordsburg, NM, and then cut over to US60 in Globe, AZ to finish up the day in Buckeye, AZ.

US70 was a nice, desolate road, with little traffic.  I was able to open up a little and have a little fun.  US60 actually had some decent twisty sections, but the traffic was much heavier than I had expected and was on my best behavior.

The next day I finished up the ride and got back to LA a bit after noon.  It is also on the last day that I saw the two only cops for the entire trip, both within a 10 minute period shortly after I had crossed into California.  The TPX Detector did sniff out radar from both cops, but I wasn't speeding at either encounter.  I was thoroughly surprised at the lack of police presence on this trip.  I'm pretty sure it's a good thing.

Got MotoGP coming up, can't wait!

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