Monday, May 10, 2010

Me, on

Originally posted 4/14/2009

I just did an interview with Shawn King of, a website dedicated to all things on two wheels with a bunch of cool interviews and information. Shawn had found out about the TPX on the internet and thought his listeners would be interested in our products and wanted to get an interview on us. Initially, Adam was going to be interviewed, but after chipping a tooth playing hockey the night before the interview, he had to miss it in exchange for a dentist visit. So instead of him, you get to hear me!

We set a record for the longest interview to date on, and after listening to myself on the interview, no wonder. Waaaaay too many "um's" and dead pauses. I took a communications class when I was in college and part of the course was to be a better speaker and learn to cut down on the "um's" when speaking. My professor would've not been pleased had she heard the interview.

Anyway, here's the interview. Enjoy!

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