Monday, May 10, 2010

Twisted Throttle Open House

Originally posted 9/1/2008

Adam was assigned as the official greeter at Twisted Throttle's Open House.

We kicked off the Labor Day weekend by attending Twisted Throttle's Summer Open House in their world control center in beautiful Peacedale, RI. We had a nice turnout despite the on-and-off rain all day.

I rode to the Open House on the SV and it's always a challenge to ride through Connecticut. The state is known for handing out speeding tickets and I knew that to survive the ride without getting a ticket, I had to rely on my TPX.

TPX came through again. It alerted me several times of police presence and each time saved my butt. 318 round trip miles and I'm still ticket free.

As for the Open House? The Twisted crew definitely knows how to throw a party. There were informative seminars, great games and contests, and plenty of food and refreshments to go around. All and all, a great time.

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