Monday, May 10, 2010

TPX Featured in Cycle World's "Project Stealth Speed"

Originally posted 5/21/2008

So what happens when you get yourself a high performance 08 Kawi ZX-14? Try to increase its performance even more, of course! That's exactly what the folks at Cycle World did when they got themselves the latest ZX-14. They souped up their cherry red ZX-14 with a bunch of inconspicuous aftermarket performance-enhancing products to make their ZX-14 appear stock, when in fact it's anything but.

And guess what, they added the
TPX to the bike because "no motorcycle capable of smashing the national speed limit in first gear is public-road-ready without a radar detector... (and the TPX's) on-road effectiveness and ease of use earned high marks."

You can read about "Project Stealth Speed" in their Sportbike issue, available now on newsstands nationwide.

Thank you Cycle World for the props!

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