Monday, May 10, 2010

Super Streetbike Magazine to Review TPX

Originally posted 3/18/2009

The editors at Super Streetbike Magazine came to us at the Indy Show last month and said that they wanted to get the TPX installed on their brand new Ducati 848. They probably figured that they'll have a hard time going slow on that bike and wanted something to cover their butt. So last Friday, I rode over to their office to help them install the TPX on the 848.

The install was fairly straight forward on the 848. We removed the panels on the left side of the bike to access the battery and hid the excess wiring within the fairing.

The bike looked great with the
TPX on it, and we'll see what Super Streetbike has to say about the TPX soon!

The TPX on the Ducati 848.

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