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TPX and the 08 BMW K1200S

Originally posted 5/11/2008

I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday with Shahram Shiva, a freelance writer for BMW ON, Backroads, and the man behind
Shahram was given a 2008 BMW K1200S for evaluation from BMW and wanted to use the opportunity to evaluate the TPX at the same time. He had followed our progress since we introduced our products to the industry insiders last year, and being a radar detector user, he was eager to test out the TPX.

My SV kicking it in Brooklyn.

We met up in Brooklyn to install the TPX onto the K1200S. The installation went fairly quickly. We first removed the top panel on the tank and connected the Wiring Harness to the battery terminals. We then removed the left side panel and stashed the wires in the space between the frame and the space underneath the left side panel.

Wiring Harness hooked up to the K1200S.

We also hooked up the Visual Alert and affixed it on top of the instrument cluster, and it looked great, like it was stock with the bike!

Visual Alert on the K1200S.

Since we don't have a mount specific for the K1200S (yet), we used our Universal Mount Adapter with a Techmount. The whole install took minutes and we probably spent most of the time adjusting the Techmount to get it to the right angle and threading the Wiring Harness underneath the fairing.


After the installation, we grabbed a bite at Bar Tabac and then went on for some urban riding around Brooklyn. I think Shahram really wanted to test our mount's locking mechanism to see if the TPX would really stay on the bike going over cobble stone roads and crater sized pot holes!

Great food and bikes!

Shahram also shot a video on the overview of the TPX:

It was a fun day, despite the cold and light rain that I encountered on the way to Brooklyn, and I had a great time riding around town with
Shahram. Thanks Shahram and we look forward to what you have to say about the TPX!

For more images and what Shiva has to say about the
TPX and the K1200S, check out the K1200S Long Term Test thread on

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