Monday, May 10, 2010

TPX Shined at SML's Annual Radar Detector Test

Originally posted 8/19/2008

The results for this year's Speed Measurement Laboratories' 2008 Annual Radar Detector Test is finally up at!

How did we do? We did very well. In the Radar and Laser Detection tests, we picked up and identified all the signals just as quickly and accurately as some of the best, and most expensive, radar detectors in the market today. In the Long Range test, the TPX picked up radar from pretty far out; over 9 miles with X band, close to 6 miles for K band, and most importantly, close to 8 miles for Ka band. We also conducted a long range laser test, which wasn't included in the results, and the
TPX picked up laser from over a mile out.

For complete detailed results of the tests, go to

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